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Launch an Faceless YouTube Channel – No Expertise Needed

Typically, one would assume that possessing strong video editing, marketing, and subject matter expertise is crucial for success on YouTube. However, there exists an alternative method to generate income on the platform, even if you lack any skills in those areas.

By following a straightforward process, you can still profit from YouTube without the need for video editing or any specific talent, such as comedy, technical know-how, or entertainment skills. This approach offers a viable and legitimate opportunity for individuals to earn money easily.

To kickstart your side hustle as a college student, you can begin by following these steps:

Step 1:

Visit the ChatGPT website and input a prompt similar to the examples provided below:

Request a 5-minute video script on "The 5 Best Places to Travel in the World" Or Ask for a 5-minute video script on "The Fascinating Popularity of Mummies in Egypt" By instructing ChatGPT accordingly, you can receive a video script tailored to your desired YouTube topic.

Step 2:

Register on the website, which also offers a free trial to explore their services. This platform enables you to transform your script from Step 1 into a video with the help of video overlays.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the website.

  2. Paste your video script.

  3. Choose the most suitable AI-generated video for your content.

  4. Customize the video by effortlessly rearranging or removing images as desired.

  5. Allow the website to generate your video, then download it for publishing on your YouTube channel.

That's all it takes! By utilizing, you can create engaging and trending videos for YouTube without the need for video editing skills or other prerequisites. This opens up an opportunity for you to earn money online.


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