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6 Suggestions For Enhancing Your Instagram Ads

With 400 million active monthly users and 40 billion photos shared, Instagram has become one of the world's largest social networks. It sees 80 million photos uploaded daily and 3.5 billion daily photo likes.

Given its immense popularity, businesses are keen to take advantage of Instagram's advertising capabilities. To help you get started with advertising on Instagram, I have compiled a comprehensive set of tips and advice on the topic. Keep reading to learn more!

Familiarize yourself with all the Instagram advertising options available Currently, there are four types of Instagram ads you can use to promote your brand:

Photo Ads:

These are the most common type of Instagram ads and consist of a single image with a small "Sponsored" icon in the top-right corner. With this type of ad, you can use various call-to-action options, such as Learn More, Sign Up, Download Now, Shop Now, and more. It's an effective way to promote your product or service and encourage users to visit your website, download your app, or make a purchase.

Carousel Ads:

Another type of Instagram ad is Carousel Ads. With this format, companies can showcase multiple images within a single ad in a horizontal scrolling format. This allows for a more visually engaging experience and can be used to tell a story that leads to better results for your product or service. Additionally, Carousel Ads can feature call-to-action buttons that open a browser window within the Instagram app, making it easy for users to take action directly from the ad.

Video Ads:

Video Ads are a highly effective way to engage with Instagram's audience, as they have one of the highest returns in terms of engagement on social networks. With Instagram, you can now upload videos up to 30 seconds long, double the standard 15-second limit.

It's worth noting that sound is not automatically played on Instagram video ads, so it's essential to tell your story through visually compelling content that doesn't rely on audio. Like other types of Instagram Ads, Video Ads offer a range of call-to-action button options, allowing you to encourage users to take a specific action after viewing your ad.

Marquee Ads:

Marquee Ads are the fourth type of Instagram ad and are designed as a one-day campaign that guarantees impressions and top placement in Instagram's feed. This type of ad can be particularly effective for promoting limited-time sales or special offers.

Marquee Ads also allow you to display your ad with different creative to the same user up to three times a day, increasing the chances of your message being seen and remembered.

Develop captivating visual content that captures attention:

Since Instagram is a visual platform, it's important to create compelling images and videos for your ads. Avoid repurposing ads created for other platforms to fit Instagram's requirements. Instead, design your ads specifically for this platform.

Fortunately, you don't need to spend a fortune on professional photography or videography. Taking the time to create well-composed, eye-catching visuals and engaging videos can be enough to stand out in your target audience's Instagram feed. Make sure your content captures their attention and inspires them to take action.

Create ads that blend in with organic content:

The most effective ad campaigns don't look like traditional ads. They blend in with other organic posts and provide the same experience as standard content. To achieve this, avoid using salesy or spammy content and instead create ads that seamlessly fit with the overall Instagram experience. Make sure your ads look and feel natural to users and don't disrupt their browsing experience.

Don’t forget the hashtags:

It's no secret that hashtags play a significant role in Instagram. Whether it's a trending hashtag or your own branded one, incorporating them into your ads is crucial for success on this platform. Neglecting to use hashtags could make your ad stand out, but not in a positive way.

Employ precise targeting for your Instagram ads:

One of the major advantages of Facebook owning Instagram is that both platforms operate on the same ad platform. This allows you to use the same targeting options you've created for Facebook ads in your Instagram campaigns. By doing this, you'll have all the necessary tools to reach your target audience across both platforms. So, take advantage of the specific targeting options available and create campaigns tailored to your audience's interests, behaviors, and demographics.

Boost the right content:

Utilize social listening to enhance your ad campaigns. By using a social media management platform, you can listen to your target audience, gain insights into their online conversations, and make informed decisions about the content to showcase on your Instagram ads. Additionally, social listening can help you determine the most effective keywords, image or video formats, and hashtags to use in your ads to generate the highest engagement and views.


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