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How to Earn Money Online Using Google News

Chances are, you've come across those misleading YouTube videos claiming you can earn money by using rewriting software to plagiarize content from Google News, and then selling those articles on freelancing platforms. However, I must emphasize that this approach is not only unethical but also highly ineffective.

If you genuinely want to generate income online, there are far better and more honest methods to achieve this goal. Let me guide you on how to make money legitimately with Google News, without resorting to theft or deception.

Start by:

  1. Registering on platforms like Medium, Hubpages, and Vocal Media.

  2. Selecting your preferred topics; health and finance are good options to consider for this approach.

  3. Navigating to Google News and choose the United States region by clicking the "settings" symbol in the top right corner, then selecting "English" and "United States."

  4. Clicking on the topic you're interested in, such as "health," and browse through the top stories.

  5. Opening a Google document or your computer's note app and compile the links of the articles by copying and pasting them.

Please note that while this method appears to be a legitimate way of gathering information, it's essential to avoid any unethical practices or plagiarism while creating your content. Always provide proper credit and attribution to the original sources when referring to or quoting any information.

After selecting a minimum of five or six articles for each topic, proceed to craft a commentary piece for each one. For instance, if your topic revolves around a recent study spotlighting the advantages of practicing yoga, you can incorporate the study's findings and supplement it with your own firsthand experiences with yoga.

Alternatively, you might opt to center your commentary around a popular celebrity topic and share your personal viewpoint on the matter. Drawing inspiration from reaction videos on YouTube, you can adopt a similar concept for writing articles. Instead of producing a reaction video, channel that concept into crafting reaction articles, offering your unique perspectives and insights.

Ways to Earn Income: When generating content on platforms like Medium and Hubpages, you have the opportunity to monetize through their partner programs. However, it's advisable to diversify your income sources. Consider incorporating various strategies such as affiliate marketing, offering digital products, and utilizing print-on-demand services.

On Medium, my primary focus revolves around the partner program, digital products, and affiliate marketing. As for Hubpages, I monetize through the partner program and, when relevant, engage in Amazon affiliate marketing.

When using Hubpages, exercise caution since adding affiliate links is only allowed when you provide substantial content related to the product. Therefore, incorporate affiliate links only when it fits naturally within your writing.

To maximize profits through this approach, it's crucial to actively interact with fellow writers and readers on the platform. Aim to publish at least two articles per day, and maintain patience. It's important to note that it might take a couple of months before earning even a modest income from these platforms, but with time, you will start to witness positive outcomes.

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