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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with 24/7 Live Streaming

We've heard about the benefits of using YouTube's 24/7 live streaming feature and how it may help a channel's traffic rise considerably. But is streaming really that simple, and what does it take to get started?

What is YouTube Continuous Live Streaming and What Are the Advantages?

You can broadcast your pre-recorded videos on a loop with 24/7 live streaming. Until you stop it, the streamed content will loop indefinitely. It's vital to distinguish between streaming and posting videos. The content of a live broadcast vanishes when you stop it, but the views, subscriptions, viewing time, and revenue it generated remain.

The prospect of repurposing current films to boost a channel's key metrics is luring creators to 24/7 live streaming. Many major corporations, such as Disney and Discovery, have already developed their own private streaming services. Using live streaming on YouTube by creators and businesses offers a number of proven advantages:

YouTube gives live streaming precedence over ordinary videos. Every channel's first and most important game-changing component is traffic, which 24/7 live broadcasts excel at delivering. Live streams rank higher on YouTube and receive more views as a result.

Time has no bearing on streams. At any time, any interested user can search for and find your videos.

More views means more subscriptions, which means more time spent watching.

One of the biggest advantages of live broadcasts is that you may run many continuous streams on different topics on one channel at the same time. Because your streaming content is always available and because you may engage viewers in multiple content topics, your channel's watch time increases considerably.

On streams, advertisements are more profitable.

Your streamed videos get more commercial views and ad placements. Advertisers are more interested in streams than in conventional videos, resulting in higher ad revenues for live streams. And there's more good news for kids' entertainment creators: advertisements on streams are more expensive than ads on conventional videos!

Using streams to promote regular videos.

Live streaming are an excellent method to spread the word about your regular content. Users who have only seen your earlier videos or haven't seen any of your content are encouraged to visit your channel to see what else you have to offer.

Is Live Streaming 24 Hours A Day A Good Option For You?

You're probably still thinking if it's worth it, or even if your channel can do it at all, after reading about all the benefits of continuous live streaming. So, who can benefit from YouTube's 24-hour live streaming? Streams can be used by anyone who makes high-quality and safe material on YouTube. You're good to proceed as long as your content follows the YouTube Community Guidelines.

If your channel is still relatively new, streaming can help you expand your audience. Because YouTube algorithms promote streams more effectively, you'll get more watch time and subscribers, which is critical for channel growth and income. To stream on mobile, your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. However, there are no limits when streaming using a computer or camera.

The goals of music channels on the platform are particularly well-suited to continuous live streaming. However, you'll need the permission of the copyright owners to play music on your stream. Streaming unlicensed content will result in additional platform restrictions.

How Do I Begin Streaming?

You now have two options for starting to stream. You can either use a computer and software to organise the process yourself or use a cloud server. Let's compare and contrast the two possibilities.

To begin streaming on your own, you'll need the following items:

A powerful machine. You won't be able to do anything else with the computer you use for streaming because it must be on for the duration of the stream. Furthermore, you can only utilise one computer per stream.

For your computer, a specialised software programme.

Wi-Fi connectivity that is consistent.

Continuous monitoring of the streaming process to ensure consistency and efficacy.

Streaming requires your attention and cannot be left alone for long periods of time.

Your stream will be interrupted and you will lose the audience if something goes wrong with your computer or Wi-Fi connection.

How to use a cloud server to stream

Cloud servers have a price tag, but they offer indisputable benefits. Streams are launched from a private server with a dedicated IP address configured just for you. To upload your videos to the cloud server and begin streaming, all you need is a strong Internet connection. After the stream has begun, neither your equipment nor your participation are required. There's no need to keep your computer powered on or even connected to the Internet after you've uploaded your films to the server. However, for best effectiveness, we recommend restarting your looped streams every three days.

YouTube allows up to 8 simultaneous streams, and you don't need a separate computer for each one if you use a cloud server. One computer can handle numerous streams.

Gyre is a continuous streaming service that offers a free trial and some of the greatest service bundles. Gyre streams to Facebook, Twitch, and any other platform that implements the RTMP protocol, in addition to all of the benefits listed above. The service is YouTube-compliant and does not require access to your channel or any other personal information. Check out Gyre to start your free trial and experience all of the benefits of live streaming for your channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Final Thoughts

You must take use of platform algorithms to accomplish results and expand on YouTube. Because audience retention rates on streams are higher than on ordinary videos, YouTube's algorithms are now better at promoting streams than regular videos, according to recent platform developments. Continuous live streams are made even more appealing by the fact that you don't need to generate unique content for streaming and can effectively use your pre-recorded films to grow your channel and popularity. Other creators are already using live streams to expand their channels. Don't pass up the opportunity to use this simple and effective technique.

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