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8 Websites For Buying Cheap PC Games Keys

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Being able to purchase games from multiple marketplaces is one of the benefits of playing PC games.

Even though you don't actually have retail locations to purchase disc versions of games, if you're a PC gamer and you know where to look, you can still find games for incredibly low prices.

And certainly, there are many more options for purchasing PC games beyond the Epic Games Store and Steam. In fact, several websites provide games at such steep discounts that playing on a PC is significantly more reasonable than playing on a console.

I'll walk you through some of the top online stores you can use to add more PC titles to your backlog for less money.

Purchase & Use of PC Game Keys

I wanted to quickly clarify how game keys operate before we got to the list.

Therefore, a few major gaming platforms, such as Steam, GOG, Epic Games, etc., are available on PC.

Direct game purchases are possible from these platforms. However, you may also purchase the games from independent retailers and use a game key to activate them on the system.

You receive this game key when you purchase a game from a key shop or an authorized third-party retailer. You must activate the game through the gaming platform before you can add it to your library.

It's a very easy process. Here is a tutorial on how to use a key code to activate a game on Steam. On YouTube, you may also get instructions for various platforms.

#1: GG.Deals

GG.Deals isn't exactly a store where you can buy video games. It's basically a website that compiles the best and most affordable offers from all of the major online retailers.

Because practically every key shop typically has a new discount going on every day, this page is worth bookmarking and checking frequently.

Consider it Reddit for bargain PC game bargains.


Best Game Price is a fantastic website you should check out if you're not a fan of key shops or don't want to incur all the risks associated with purchasing from third-party game key shops.

Similar to GG.Deals, this website only collects the top PC game offers from authorized online game retailers. Thus, when you purchase game keys, you assume no risk.

The website also offers nicely designed game sites with information about each game's statistics and price history, links to live streams you may see before purchasing the game and more.

#3: IndieGala

A marketplace called IndieGala offers a wide variety of deals to PC gamers.

You also get to get game bundles at really low costs in addition to ultra-affordable Steam keys and special discounts on PC games. The majority of the discounts in the shop reach a whopping 95% off!

Additionally, IndieGala occasionally runs contests where you can win free Steam games or shop credit to use toward game purchases.

#4: CDKeys

Basically, CDKeys is what it says it is. Unofficial website selling incredibly cheap PC game keys.

The website frequently offers fantastic gaming deals. Additionally, you'll frequently see $0.49 and $0.99 bargains on triple-A games here.

Even though it might seem like theft, this website and the game keys it offers are entirely legal. The website has been operational for almost 20 years. You won't face any consequences for using the website.

#5. Extreme

Fanatical is another fantastic retailer that offers affordable prices on games with official licences.

I mostly visit this website for package discounts. Fanatical also frequently has some excellent game discounts. However, if you want to get several games for a reasonable price, bundles are your best option.

Usually, there are collections in several genres, such as action or strategy games. Additionally, you could see offers like 5 games for $2.99 or 3 games for $1.

#6: Kinguin

The pricing on Kinguin for some of the games is so low that you'll truly feel like stealing because you won't know if it's real.

For instance, I recently paid only $0.05 for a GOG key for the game Journey To Savage Planet. You can anticipate those kinds of discounts from Kinguin.

This website functions as a marketplace for independent vendors. As a result, you'll see several offers from different sellers for each game. Prior to purchasing a key, take care to review the seller's ratings and feedback.

#7: Green Man Gaming

You can get excellent bargains on more recent games at Green Man Gaming. You'll be astonished at how simple it is to locate a great deal on a brand-new game from this website.

In fact, the website offers discounts for upcoming games.

#8: Voidu

Finding affordable prices on well-known and triple-A titles is a breeze with Voidu.

Although the rates are not as good as those on the sites I previously mentioned, I frequently browse the special offers section to locate the best discounts here.


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