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5 AI Apps To Earn $100 Per Day Online From Your Phone

I discovered five newly developed AI applications that offer everyone the opportunity to utilize AI technology for various tasks and earn money online using their smartphones from any location worldwide. These apps are absolutely free and accessible to anyone. Here's an overview of the apps I'll be discussing:

  1. WonderAI: Among the apps I'll introduce, the first is Wonder AI. With this app, you can transform photos and text into artistic creations. By providing simple prompts, you can generate entirely unique images, turning words into art. A method to monetize this is by selling these creations as stickers on platforms like Redbubble. By leveraging the Wonder AI tool, you can design these images, upload them, and earn money when customers purchase products featuring your designs.

  2. ClickNShort: The next app, ClickNShort, aids in generating short-form content that can go viral quickly. By inputting a link to a lengthy video from YouTube, this AI tool produces numerous YouTube reports. These reports can be used to promote CPA (Cost Per Action) offers. For instance, utilizing the TapMob app, you can promote offers where individuals provide their email addresses for a chance to win rewards. You'll earn money based on the number of emails collected.

  3. Pixelcut: Pixelcut AI Photo Editor is the third app, allowing you to remove backgrounds from images, insert new backgrounds, and even remove individuals from pictures with a single click. The app provides various templates for different products and enables professional video editing with AI. This service can be offered on platforms like Fiverr, potentially earning you significant income. Some freelancers on Fiverr provide background removal services for as low as $5, and this approach has led to substantial earnings for some.

  4. Voice Acting: Another avenue to earn money through AI apps is voice acting. Certain apps, like Voiceover AI, convert text into human-like voiceovers. Platforms such as,,,, and are suitable for offering voice acting services for a fee. There's demand for quality voiceovers, and these AI tools make it feasible to provide such services conveniently from your phone.

  5. Phone Sites: The last app, Phone Sites, empowers you to construct landing pages, websites, apps, and software exclusively using your smartphone, even without technical expertise. It provides various templates for those interested in building content through their phones. This tool enables you to create and sell websites or apps on platforms like and, or offer your services on platforms like Fiverr. This app streamlines the process of generating online content for profit.

In conclusion, these newly introduced AI apps open up opportunities for anyone to leverage AI technology and earn money online through their smartphones, no matter where they are located. The best part is that these apps are free to use and accessible to all.


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