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How to Get More Instagram Followers: 2022 Tips & Tricks

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Instagram followers are your online community, not simply numbers.

Growing on Instagram can enhance site traffic, and sales, or make you a trendsetting influencer.

We share 15 strategies to gain Instagram followers without spam or bots.

Here are 15 proven Instagram strategies to attempt this year:

  1. Create the first-impression profile.

  2. Instagram reels

  3. Search-engine-optimize captions

  4. #Hashtag strategy

  5. Instagram contest

  6. Influencers and brands: partners

  7. Shareable content (including memes)

  8. Value proposition

  9. Cross-promote on different channels

  10. Challenge Instagram

  11. Branded hashtags encourage UGC.

  12. Accessible content for all

  13. Regularly publish

  14. Name your bio with keywords.

  15. Feed-post collaboration

Ready for more? This video and blog post explains how to gain Instagram followers.

#1: Curate Instagram for a good first impression

A well-planned Instagram feed that displays your niche is crucial to gaining followers.

You want people to comprehend your profile immediately.

Use a visual planner to edit your Instagram feed before posting for brand consistency.

Consider how your posts look together and the initial impression they give.

#2: Instagram Reels

If you're not posting Instagram Reels, you could be losing followers.

Reels, Instagram's short-form, looping video feature, is successful in reaching new viewers.

Reels feed viewers are fed high-interest content from persons they follow and don't increase engagement.

Your Reels can extend far beyond your follower list, increasing your visibility and follower count.


  • Use accurate keywords and hashtags in Reels captions.

  • Sound trends

  • Short reels encourage repeat views.

  • Originality

  • Add text for silent viewers

  • Shoot high-quality video (rather than uploading content with a TikTok watermark)

  • There are methods to succeed even if your brand or business doesn't match Reels.

  • Experiment with trends, take fans behind the scenes or offer a before-and-after.

#3: Instagram SEO post captions

Optimizing Instagram posts for search is a key growth strategy. Instagram SEO improves account discoverability.

In 6 countries, English-speaking Instagram users can now search using keywords.

Instagram evaluates "kind of material, captions when it was posted," and more to surface relevant results, according to The Verge.

It employs machine learning to locate relevant, high-quality information. Grid posts only for now.

TIP: Write your post captions on Later's free desktop platform.

You can compose all your post captions in one power hour and schedule them for your optimum posting time.

Later's Saved Captions function lets you save multiple caption templates for quick posting. It simplifies Instagram captions.

#4: Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags are a powerful development strategy you shouldn't miss.

After analyzing 18M Instagram feed posts, we found that the reach rate improves by 11% (from 24% to 35%) as hashtags increase from 1 to 30.

Instagram hashtags vs. feed post reach rate in 2020 and 2021.

That's an additional 2.2K accounts every post for a 20K-follower account.

Later's Hashtag Suggestion feature delivers 30 relevant hashtags to add to post captions.

Use Later's Saved Captions feature to save lists of top-performing hashtags you can add in two taps.

#5: Instagram Giveaway

Host an Instagram giveaway to expand your following quickly.

With the appropriate plan, you can gain thousands of new followers and establish a brand community.

Set explicit entrance conditions that promote your growth goals, such as tagging a buddy in the comments or publishing to Instagram Stories.

Instagram freebies are most effective when hosted with a creative or brand that shares your target demographic.

Our next Instagram approach...

#6: Partner with brands and influencers

Like-minded influencers and brands make great partners.

You'll gain brand recognition and new fans.

Most exciting? Partnerships aren't expensive. Simple, mutually beneficial ones are effective.

SpaceNK collaborated with a luxury retreat to offer a community giveaway.

You don't need mega-influencers to be effective.

Nano and micro-influencers have better engagement rates than macro-influencers and lower sponsored post rates.

To reach the same audience size as a Macro influencer, you'll need more Nano or Micro-influencers, therefore the ideal strategy depends on your budget and bandwidth.

Influencer marketing-newbie? This blog post explains how to find an influential partner for your business.

#7: Shareable content (Including Memes)

Create shareable content to reach new audiences naturally.

Inspirational quotations, instructional carousel articles, and on-trend memes are tried-and-true formats, and one viral post can reach millions.

Memes are great for viral reach, especially when tapping into popular culture.

They're often smart and combine text and visuals (a photo, GIF, or video).

To build a successful meme, blend trendy graphics, audience sentiment, and brand specialty.

On Later's Instagram, we generate social media memes.

More people will share your meme if it resonates with them, which can boost your Instagram following.

Inspired? Here are some trendy social media memes.

#8: Value Proposition

Would you enter a store you didn't know sold? Yes, probably.

The same goes for Instagram.

Having a clear value offer (styling suggestions, inspirational quotations, or lifestyle content) is vital for gaining followers.

This doesn't mean your material must be identical.

Christina Galbato advocates focusing on 3-5 niche-related content pillars to create variation without diminishing your primary value.

Content pillars? This blog post explains how to use content pillars in social media.

#9: Cross-promote your Instagram account

Cross-promotion is a terrific strategy to expand your Instagram following.

TikTok is great for Instagram cross-promotion.

Connecting your Instagram to TikTok is one way to increase Instagram traffic.

Create a few TikToks to promote your Instagram account.

Later connections to Instagram from TikTok to gain Instagram followers

If TikTok isn't part of your marketing strategy, refer visitors to Instagram via your website, email newsletter, podcast, or another social channel.

#10: Create an Instagram challenge

Instagram challenges are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram Reels (remember the ice bucket challenge in 2014?).

Creating a successful Instagram challenge can attract thousands or millions of prospective followers.

Make participation as easy as possible, establish a branded hashtag, and consider what people will love.

#11: Encourage UGC with a branded hashtag

Encouraging user-generated content is an excellent strategy to expand your Instagram following.

Easy UGC sharing. Followers can hashtag or tag your brand.

Aspire Sunglasses urges customers to use #AspireSunglasses when sharing photos wearing the Aspire Brand of sunglasses.

Outcome? Any user-generated photo can go to Aspire Sunglasses Instagram.

With Later's Collect features, you may browse all tagged posts or search for hashtagged content.

Save your favourite post to your Media Library. Later will keep the post's quality and add the creator's handle.

NOTE: Ask the original creator for permission, even if they used your hashtag.

Instagram hashtags yield UGC.

Search by hashtag to uncover UGC in seconds, then save your favourites.

#12: Accessible Instagram

Over 430M people are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and 2.2B suffer from vision impairment.

Here are four easy ways to make Instagram more accessible today.

  • Subtitle or text-overlay video (including Instagram Videos, Stories, and Reels

  • Write Instagram alt text manually.

  • Visualize tales and videos

  • Instagram hashtags are capitalized. This helps screen-readers read aloud.

Instagram stories now have auto-generated captions in 16 languages, making content more accessible.

#13: Post consistently and schedule Instagram posts

Instagram growth requires consistency.

Later studied 81M feed posts (excluding Reels) to see how posting frequency affects reach and engagement.

Frequent posters usually have more followers.

A line chart comparing Instagram account average weekly posts vs. followers

Creating valuable, high-quality material should always trump quantity. Scheduling Instagram posts ensures high-quality postings.

#14: Keyword your bio's name

Instagram bio Name Field words are searchable.

If your brand specializes in bespoke artwork, enter "Art" or "Artwork" in the Name Field

Instagram expert Elise Darma recommends considering your specialty, industry, target audience, and solution. "When in doubt, check Instagram for the word."

Instagram users whose bios include the keyword artwork appear in searches.

#15: Share feed posts and reels

With Instagram Collabs, users can co-author feed posts (and Reels), reaching new audiences.

Using each other's communities, you can share views, likes, and comments.

Make sure the content works for both accounts, whether it's an instructive carousel or a specialty Reel.

Wait if you don't have the feature.

Following the appropriate approaches and ideas will help you gain more Instagram followers.

Post unique material, target the correct demographics, and use Instagram's latest features and trends.

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