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10 Strategies for Increasing Your TikTok Followers & Engagement

TikTok has evolved from being a novelty to a colossal social media platform boasting a user base exceeding one billion. Consequently, influencer marketing on TikTok is surging in popularity. If you're keen on gaining visibility and earning by collaborating with cherished brands, it's time to treat your TikTok presence with earnestness and cultivate your brand. Wondering how? We've got you covered.

10 Strategies to Expand Your TikTok Following

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Initiating a follower surge commences with a profound understanding of your existing followers. What type of content resonates with them on TikTok? Are they inclined towards informative videos or aesthetically pleasing vlogs?

If you possess a Business account on TikTok, you'll have access to a wealth of data-driven insights that can illuminate the demographics of your audience. Scrutinize your followers and their interactions with your content to glean insights into their preferences. Then, focus on creating content tailored to this specific audience for heightened engagement.

2. Elevate Video Quality

While TikToks need not be cinematic masterpieces, subpar audio or video quality may prompt viewers to swipe past. Depending on your content style, investing in equipment like a ring light or a compact microphone can significantly enhance video quality. Even something as simple as selecting a quiet, well-lit shooting location can elevate your video content.

3. Leverage Trending Songs and Sounds

Trending songs hold sway for a reason—they're widely popular and often backed by record labels. The algorithm favors content featuring these trending sounds, providing an uncomplicated method to reach a broader audience. You can discover trending songs in the 'discover' section or use the tracks recommended by the TikTok app when filming a new video. Ensure the trend aligns with your niche and audience.

4. Employ Trending Hashtags

Much like other social media platforms, hashtags play a pivotal role in disseminating your content. Employing trending hashtags (and ensuring your videos are relevant to them) augments your chances of appearing on users' "For You" pages. If you're uncertain about which hashtags to employ, peruse other Creators within your niche for inspiration. Alternatively, type '#' while crafting your caption to peruse the trending hashtags.

5. Ensure Your Content Stands Out

Though riding on trends can broaden your audience, crafting original content remains imperative—videos that offer something distinctive, unavailable elsewhere. Endeavor to infuse a unique spin on trends to make them your own.

6. Duet and Stitch

Invest time and effort in interacting with fellow Creators and brands on the platform. After all, it's called social media! One effective method is through the 'duet' or 'stitch' features, allowing you to augment an existing TikTok video with your own perspective. When you duet a video, you're likely to gain exposure on the 'For You' pages of those who follow the original creator. Consistently engaging with other Creators' content, through comments, is also a sincere approach to garnering attention.

7. Engage with Brands via Branded Hashtags

Current trending hashtags on TikTok often feature branded ones. Companies devise hashtag challenges and trends, investing in them as a marketing ploy. Engaging with these hashtags presents an excellent opportunity to capture brands' attention, especially if you aspire to collaborate with them down the line. It's as straightforward as exploring a hashtag, observing what fellow Creators have crafted, and putting your own unique spin on it.

8. Have Fun

In essence, it's all about enjoyment. If you approach your TikTok presence with excessive seriousness, it's likely to come through in your videos. Conversely, creating content that genuinely excites you and aligns with your passions radiates positivity through the screen. When you're authentically having a good time, you naturally produce engaging content that viewers crave.

9. Post at Optimal Times

To maximize visibility, avoid uploading new videos at odd hours. Share content when your current followers (and potential ones) are actively scrolling within the app. Thankfully, if you have a business account, this information is easily accessible. The 'Follower Activity' feature within the Business Suite displays the specific days and times your followers are most active on TikTok.

10. Collaborate with Brands

Partnering with a brand that mirrors your values is a potent method to expand your audience. Influencer marketing has burgeoned on TikTok, and brands are perpetually seeking to collaborate with passionate and talented Creators like yourself. Even with a modest following, forging strong partnerships with brands is entirely feasible. An efficient approach to connecting with brands you adore and wish to work with is through TRIBE. Remarkably, contemporary brands seek genuine, authentic content from Creators with smaller, devoted followings—TRIBE can facilitate collaborations with these beloved brands.

Anticipate an array of TikTok campaigns to be unveiled within the app on a weekly basis. Get ready to unleash your creative potential! 🚀


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